Women in Construction - Social Support

Social Support is an important antidote to negative stressors. Check out this tool to explore and understand your unique social support needs (Page 14).

What are my practical support needs in my home environment that support my work (personal space, scheduled quiet time, self care activities, things that make me feel good, activities that make work easier)? What are my top three challenges for working in construction?

How we organize our life to balance competing work-life demands impacts our overall mental health and wellness. Consider using this checklist (pg. 46) to identify areas where you can prioritize areas for change and make change by setting small specific goals. This checklist can be used personally, and you can use it to review with your supervisor to ensure you are in agreement with priorities. It can be helpful to explore changes and improvements to identified support/demand/control needs.

*This checklist is intended as a starting point to explore individual needs to thrive in construction environment. This checklist is not intended as legal or medical advice.*